Online baccarat for free

Baccarat, well known to all gamblers game. You do not need to calculate anything, you do not need to remember anything. The dealer distributes two cards. Ace – 1 point, jack, lady, king – 0 points, cards from 0 to 9 correspond to their denomination. After the distribution of cards immediately becomes known, you won or lost. The winner is the one whose result is nine points or eight. The rules are pretty simple. It is hoped that your cards will be just like that. One round, and you either win or lose baccarat – live casino pro. Good luck!

Live baccarat game – free online game

Simple and elegant, full of excitement and surprises – all this is about the game  Baccarat (Baccarat). For many who have not tried to play it, the process may seem boring – which can be exciting in choosing one of the three bids offered, and then just watch how the cards come out. And at the same time – not the slightest opportunity to influence what is happening! if you stick to the same point of view, then it’s time to look at things differently – right now, try Baccarat online, and you’ll see that the first impression is deceptive.

How to play live baccarat data

Learning to play 7 seat baccarat live is pretty simple. The main goal of the game is to guess who will win – the player or the dealer. And make the appropriate bet, of course. By the way, the outcome of the game may not be in someone’s favor: you can bet on a draw, this also happens. respectively, three types of rates-three possible outcomes. The Punto bet is made on the player, the payout on it is one to one. The Banco bet is in favor of the dealer, in which case the payment is nineteen to twenty. And finally, the Tie bet is for a draw. As a rule, this rate is paid eight to one or nine to one.

As for the game process with best live dealer baccarat, the winner is the one who will score the most close to nine points. After the bets are made, the dealer hands out two cards to himself and his opponent. The result of this distribution determines who won. According to the rules, cards from deuce to nine bring an equivalent number of points, an ace – one point, and kings, ladies, jacks and tens – zero points. If a player gets a combination of two cards, immediately making up nine points, then it is called natural. And what if the number of points has exceeded 9? In this case, the quantity is subtracted from ten, so that the remainder is less than 9.

Bonus games and progressive jackpots in bitcoin live baccarat are not provided.


For the game in free live dealer baccarat, there is an optimal strategy, and it is to put more often on the dealer. As statistics show, he often wins. But the stakes for a draw should be kept to a minimum – this outcome of the game is extremely rare. To make sure that the proposed strategy is really optimal, you can play Baccarat for free, which will allow you to estimate the frequency of the outcome of the game, without risking anything at the same time. This is the main plus of the game in live baccarat casino without registration – hone your skills, look, determine, and then you can add excitement and play for real money!